Role play. First IMUN, then MUNER: my American dream

First IMUN, then MUNER. From Milan to the wonderful dream of New York!

by Flaminia Ercolan
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Like a role-playing game, IMUN and MUNER NY gave me the opportunity to grow, to get to know, to learn, to make unusual friends, to put myself to the test. First in nearby Milan and then overseas, in the coveted and utopian Big Apple, I took part in two simulations of what happens during the commissions held and coordinated by UN ambassadors. Together with other delegates from all over the world, I tried to find solutions to very complicated problems. And to crown these wonderful events… the warmth of Milan and then the wonderful dream of New York. What can I say? The Big Apple is just the destination that all teenagers would like to get to. The stroboscopic lights of Times Square, the dizzying height of the Empire State Building, the modernity of MOMA, the classicism of the Metropolitan, the privilege of visiting the Glass Palace, the penetrating smell of peanuts, bagels and sausages along the wide and noisy streets, the impractical coffee of Starbucks… when could such an occasion ever arise again?