Among skyscrapers, towers and yellow cabs. Muner New York is a surreal experience!

by Martina Pirondini
Reading time 40 sec.

Surreal. Surreal is perhaps the only word that can fully describe what the NY 2019 experience was like for me. Coming into contact with so many people, from all over the world, who are there for the same reason as you, with the same fears and expectations as you. Confronting with ways of thinking, doing and communicating that are completely different from my own was really stimulating and opened my eyes to a reality that until the day before I could only imagine. Skyscrapers, towers and yellow cabs were just a side dish to what we really experienced: it was like living in a parallel world for a week. I’ve collected a lot of memories and it’s great to be able to share them with some fantastic people that I am infinitely grateful to have met and known. “Honourable Chair, Fellow Delegates, thank you for your attention, I yield my time back to the Chair.”